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How to get the best PvE loot in WoW? Dragonflight Season 1

The best PvE loot in WoW obviously comes from the most challenging activities. In this regard Dragonflight is not an exception at all. Just like in many expansions before it, you go to Mythic Plus dungeons and raids and collect great loot to become stronger and beat higher levels of difficulty. We believe that every player should have a better idea of what loot to expect in particular versions of instances and how to gear up faster than most others. With this brief and handy guide you will see all the item levels of the first Dragonflight season in PvE activities. For this guide we consider that you have already collected decent starting gear for either of these activities – if you haven't, check out our guide for that too.

Mythic Plus Dungeons

Mythic Plus dungeons have lately become a PvE staple for WoW and they don't seem to be going anywhere soon. Quite on the contrary: it's the most popular PvE mode of the game right now and good old raids have to keep up with them somehow. So in the first season we'll have 4 brand new dungeons in the M+ rotation and 4 legacy ones that we haven't seen for a while:

  1. Algeth'ar Academy (Dragonflight);
  2. Azure Vault (Dragonflight);
  3. Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight);
  4. Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight);
  5. Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria);
  6. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor);
  7. Court of Stars (Legion);
  8. Halls of Valor (Legion)
Going as far back as to the assets of Mists of Pandaria might be a little extreme but hey, why not? The trend is pretty good in our view: you won't hate all the 8 new dungeons in half a year and the legacy content that does nothing becomes useful again. Hopefully, we'll see more of that later.

Anyway, now to the gear that you can get there. Here's a handy table that can help you better match item level to the key level:

Key LevelDungeon ChestGreat Vault
The higher the key level goes, the higher the item level is – that's pretty obvious. So if you could start with a, say, +20 key, you'd easily get a 421 ilvl item at the next reset and get a great advantage over those who don't. If you don't have lots of spare time to gradually progress up this ladder, you can always turn to professional players like us for help! Find any key level M+ carries in our catalog.

The Vault of the Incarnates Raid

There's always a current raid in WoW and if you're looking for the strongest gear in the game, you should consider visiting it at some point. That means that there will hardly ever be a huge content cycle without new additions to this game mode. After all, it's the trademark of the game, the pinnacle of its experience – well, at least it has been that for a really long time and it's still unclear if it's going to become less relevant in the future. But that's quite a distant future – let's take a closer look at the closer one. The one in which you've successfully geared up your character in the coolest items of the game.

The Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid to introduce a comprehensive gradation of item levels among its bosses. Simply put, some bosses drop loot of one ilvl, some others – of a higher one, and the hardest bosses drop the best loot. We've seen attempts to pull something like this before when the final boss got a better ilvl than any other in the raid – but it wasn't consistent and it didn't have much impact, to be honest. Whether you get lucky at the last boss or not meant too much for most people to care. So let's see what item levels we have in the 4 difficulties of the Vault of the Incarnates raid right now:

DifficultyBosses 1-4Dathea & KurogDiurna & Raszageth
Let's give a little more context. Bosses 1-4 are: Eranog, Terros, the Primal Council, and Sennarth. They all drop items of the lowest ilvl of the difficulty. Dathea and Kurog Grimtotem are also known as the wings bosses as they are final bosses in 2 first sections of the arid (there are 3 total and you have to beat those 2 to get access t the final one). So as the wings bosses those 2 bosses drop better gear than the ones that came before. And finally, Diurna and Raszageth are the strongest bosses of the raid and, consequently, drop the best loot. So it's all pretty reasonable, right?

It wasn't too hard to understand the new ilvl system of the raid. But trust us, it won't be easy to beat the raid itself! It takes so much time to only prepare for it: read guides, gear up, assemble PUGs or prove a guild master that you're worthy of joining the team. So many obstacles! If you don't want to waste your time on all that stuff, we'd recommend joining a carry team instead! It's so much easier and faster: no need for any preliminary stuff – just accept the invitation to a raid group and join our guys inside the raid. You'll have an easier run (our pros are used to carrying lots of undergeared players at once so they can deal with bosses virtually without your involvement) and better chance for great gear (our players are well-geared enough to not need most loot in the raid, so they can pas it to you). To learn more about how it all works, check out our VOTI carries section in the catalog.


So that's basically it. If you want to gear up in great PvE gear, you should consider spending some time doing high-end PvE activities. If you don't care about it enough to put in lots of effort, just ask pros to aid you! We'll be happy to be of help and we'll do that impeccably! To learn more about our services or order them, check out our catalog or simply get in touch with us directly.

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