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Guide to Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online

Dungeons are a big part of ESO’s PvE experience. They are placed between easier delves and harder trials – this middle position makes them the most popular among the 3 activities. Dungeons have lots of great loot for everyone to collect: it’s good both in terms of stats and in terms of looks. Naturally, newer and harder dungeons have better rewards. Completing them in the veteran mode yields even more powerful items.

So it’s basically that simple. But to make this guide more comprehensive for everyone – including newer players – we’ll go into more detail and do so step by step starting with the simplest things.

What are dungeons in ESO? Are they all located underground?

Moon hunter keep dungeon

Dungeons are 4-player PvE activities. You fight monsters there, not other players. During your dungeon runs you receive various valuable loot, mostly from the so-called bosses. Bosses are especially powerful enemies that also have unique names.

There are lots of dungeons in the game and new ones are added regularly with DLCs. You are recommended to reach at least level 10 to start your dungeon adventures in ESO. Also, a group of 4 players is recommended for most of them. However, if you are well-geared, you can even try completing them solo.

And no, not all dungeons are located underground. It’s just a general term to describe all activities of this kind.

What types of dungeons are there?

Dungeons can be divided into public and group ones. Public ones are generally easier and can be accessed by anyone. You don't really need a pre-made group for it, since it's not very challenging and you're likely to get some help from random players in the dungeon. Group ones take a pre-made or auto-generated group to complete, although it's possible to beat them with fewer than 4 players. If you're really confident in your skill and gear, you can even try completing them solo. That will bear you some unique rewards too.

There are more dividing lines too: for example, dungeons can be of different difficulties. Also, dungeons can be DLC-related and base game-related. We'll take a closer look at these types below.

Do dungeons differ by difficulty?

There are 2 main difficulties: normal and veteran. As the name implies, the veteran mode is meant for players who already have some experience with the dungeon and with the game in general. You can only activate the veteran mode at level 50 which is currently the highest one for characters. Naturally, the veteran difficulty makes enemies harder to defeat and the rewards they drop are of a higher quality.

There’s also a third difficulty which is not present in all dungeons. It’s called “hard mode” and its conditions vary among instances. To better understand if a dungeon has a hard mode, check out the respective tab in the achievements menu. The related achievements usually have some rewards like titles, skins, or personalities. Activating hard mode often involves interacting with a scroll near a boss encounter site. However, there might be other ways to do it – it depends on the dungeon in question.

Do all dungeons have equally good loot?

Most of them do have similarly good loot. The reason for that is that the game scales dungeons to your level. So it doesn’t matter which level you are and which dungeon you visit – you will be good to receive the loot there and it is likely to be useful. However, it’s also worth mentioning that veteran loot is always better than that from the normal version. And it can only be obtained at level 50.

Some sets and items are also better than others in the current meta. It changes all the time, so you should always check out which dungeon has the best loot for your class right now.

What are DLC dungeons and how do I access them?

DLC dungeons are dungeons added with paid expansions. ESO has one huge expansion yearly. As it gets released, a new chapter (season) starts and several new dungeons are added throughout the year.

There are 2 ways to access DLC dungeons: either by purchasing the DLC itself, or by paying for the ESO Plus subscription. The latter option is cheaper and we usually recommend it over the former.

Also, we offer help with completing DLC dungeons: in all difficulties, with hard mode or without it. Check out our service right here!

What are the latest dungeons?

The newest dungeons are Graven Deep and Earthen Root Enclave. They have been added in the Lost Depth DLC in late summer 2022. If you need any aid with either of those dungeons, you can order our carries!


That's all the basic information you should know about dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online. If you want to learn more or need any help with completing them, don't hesitate to get in touch with us or simply browser our catalog!

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