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Fastest ways to level up in Elder Scrolls Online

Leveling up in Elder Scrolls Online is definitely not the hardest of its kind. There are numerous cases that are far worse and include weeks of meaningless boring activities. In this regard ESO is better than most. Each new character can be leveled up through any sequence of zones.

Yet although it might sound fun, in reality you get bored with almost identical progression all your characters go through. It's always better to have all your skills available and all the level-related limitations lifted (damn, those several levels without mounts are especially painful).

So if you're among those who seek a faster way to reach max level in ESO, here's a brief yet comprehensive comparison of the best options to level up fast: speed questing, mob grinding, and our power leveling boost.

1. Just questing

This one is for simple folk. You just start another character and do quests as fast as you can in zones that you don't hate too much yet. There are lots of roadmaps for such questing: it mainly includes doing only worthy quests. That is, the ones that give you reasonable amount of XP and are not very demanding and time-consuming. Each zone has such leveling strategies and if you're willing to do "fast questing", there are numerous websites to help you with that (we can help you find the most suitable one for you, just contact us).

  • You can just start questing right away, no special preparation is needed
  • If you want to do some special preparation, there are lots of available upgrades you can obtain, including training sets, potions, etc
  • It's takes lots of time and effort: you can easily get tired by questing non-stop. That might ruin your weekend
  • It ruins the fun of ESO's essential activity: learning the story and getting to know the world and characters better – after rushing through quest lines you're likely to start disregarding it all

2. Grinding

This one usually includes no questing. At least in its pure form. The idea is to find a spawning spot and destroy everything that moves there. The easiest choices for beginners are Greenshade, Alik'r Desert, Coldharbour, and Rkindaleft – there you should just find a suitable zombie spot and do the grinding. Since zones' difficulty scale with your character's level, you can easily grind mobs all the way to the cap level.

However, to make this method more effective, it is recommended to get a training set with the right stats for your character. That's necessary to keep good stats without having to quest for gear or to buy it somewhere. Thus you'll save lots of time and speed up the process.

  • Faster than just questing
  • Has lots of possible upgrades that you can implement to speed it up
  • If done right, you don't have to travel a lot – that saves you lots of time too
  • It will take you some time and social interaction (asking someone to help you with training gear) to get ready for it
  • Your favourite spots might be occupied by other players
  • Not exactly fun: you basically run around a small plot of land lawn-mowing identical enemies for hours on end

3. Power leveling boost

If you want to get your character to max level fast, there's no better way to do it than buying a power leveling service. The amount of time you have to spend on leveling in this case is zero. Like, literally nothing. You don't have to do anything at all. All the heavy lifting is done by professionals who know exactly how to level up fast. After all, they've done it a million times.

You don't have to prepare for the leveling, grind mobs or do thousands of quests. No planning, no effort. Just a fresh 50 lvl character you receive within a short span of time without doing much for it. You can play some other game or do something important – work, anyone? – while pros do their job. It's up to you.

Some people might say that it's not fair and is cheating or something like that. But it's not. If the game creates an absolutely unnecessary gating system that takes so much of your time, how can it be not fair to find your way around it? Your time is the most precious thing you have, so wasting it on things that some company deems "effective for increasing average playtime" is not smart. Get your character to level 50, liberate yourself from numerous limitations, and enjoy the game – that's what power leveling is about.

  • You don't have to do anything
  • You can customize your boost the way you want it: add champion points obtainment, for example, or particular gear
  • It's going to be faster than any other methods: professional players not only know the best leveling strategies, they also can implement them perfectly unlike most casual players
  • Can you think of any? We can't!


All in all, it's always up to you which leveling option to choose. Regardless of which you've decided to go with, you can always get in touch with us to get our advice. Whether you need some help with finding grind guides, or you'd like to order a power leveling boost – we're always there to help you!

Have questions? Contact us in the preferable way right now!
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