Skyshards in ESO

-15% Hit Sale
  • SKYSHARDS farmed for your character (as many as chosen)
  • More GOLD and GEAR collected during the boost


    We can collect shards in any particular zone you need – please contact us to arrange it.


    It usually starts within 30 minutes but it can vary due to various factors like an increased demand. To get a precise timeframe please contact us.


    It strongly depends on how many skyshards you need. For example, 50 skyshards boost takes around 3-4 hours. Please contact us to get a more precise timeframe for your specific order.


    Please note that the price varies depending on the platform you play on. The price on the product is for the boost on PC only, prices for PS4/5 and Xbox One/S/X are different – to make sure the price you see here is accurate for you, please select the respective option before checkout.
    We value players from all platforms, however, due to much higher expenses for boosts on consoles we have to set prices accordingly in order to keep up with our high standards of quality and customers' satisfaction. 


    Skyshars mean skill points. For every 3 skyshards you collect you get 1 skill point. Skill points are a must for just about any build, cause they unlock various abilities, both active and passive, and not just in fighting, but also in professions, riding, and other useful fields. You get some points for doing quests, of course, and you also get some when leveling your character 1-50, but even after you complete every quest currently available in game and reach level 50 you’ll still be needing more to make you build perfect. And the only other way to get those points, apart from the quests and the leveling, are skyshards. They are those cunningly hidden glowing crystals found in secret places on just about every level. And since they’re so well hidden it’s almost impossible to find them all on your own! Not to mention how long it’ll get to drive around searching for them. There are also the shards hidden inside Cyrodiil and Imperial city, so, when going through all the above mentioned rather tedious process you’ll have to fight other players as well! Ghastly business. And, sadly, you do need every one of those skyshards. This is where we come in! Our learned boosters will vacuum every zone, every delve and every pvp zone for those glowing things, and all you’ll need to do is to decide which skill to unlock! So purchase ESO skyshards farm boost now, and our man will begin as soon as possible!


    Let’s face it, the main reason why you need this boost is because it’d take ages if you had to look for all these skyshards yourself. We understand it, and so we suggest that our highly-trained professional booster logged in on your account, swiftly ran around all the locations, collected all the skyshards you need and returned the account to you so that you could enjoy all your newly acquired skill points. Piloted mode is pivotal here! That’s the main reason it’s so quick and efficient. So, obviously, we recommend doing this particular boost piloted. It’s quite safe, too, as our boosters use only the safest techniques to ensure maximum clandestiny of the whole thing. Nobody will know that you’ve been helped except us, the booster and yourself. And that’s just how it needs to be, right?


    As this boost is piloted, almost nothing. Just provide us with your account details and let our booster in. He’ll take it from here! However, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if you have all or at least some fast travel shrines unlocked - this way he can just teleport around and make this boost almost instantaneous! Totally insane. But definitely possible, you can have our word. And, of course, we’ll need you to stay off the acc for the duration of the boost so that the booster could do his part without being kicked out and having to re-log all the time. That would definitely speed things up.


    Because we’re simply the best there is on the market. We work 24\7 and so do our boosters, which means that this whole operation can be set up at any time you like, at an extremely short notice. No other shops can do that. We only employ highly trained professionals, so there can’t possibly be any error or mishaps during the boost. They also know all the skyshards spots by heart, so the boost will take as little time as possible (and if you have some fast travel points unlocked, it will hardly take any time at all!) Your account will be completely safe with us and our professional boosters for the duration of the boost, well, as safe as it can ever be. In fact, a lot of people asked this question before, but those of them who conquered their fears and went for it were totally satisfied - our numerous clients’ reviews and feedback are the best proof of that. Of course, you’ll be kept up to date on the current boost progress either via stream or through some screenshots sent to you as often as you need. And how can we forget the lowest price per skyshard on the market? Our boosters can also engage in various activities along the way, like harrowstorms farming or dolmens or finding books for the mages guild levelling. Just let us know before purchase! Still in doubt? Check our numerous positive reviews left by the happy customers. Want to get great value for your money like they did? Sign up now for skyshards farming boost, and let’s get this started already!

    Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

    1. We receive your order and contact you within 15 min after that
    2. We discuss details with you (realm, character's name, etc) and schedule your boost
    3. At the appointed time our pro player logs into your account and starts doing the boost
    4. If you need to log in the game during the boost, please let us know in advance so we could notify our player

    Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

    • Max lvl character
    • Active ESO+ subscription or particular DLC (if you need us to collect shards in a zone that requires either of those)

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    How do I buy?

    First, you find the service you need in our catalog: you can either navigate our categories or use the search box. After that you select all the options you need (you can always consult us to learn more about them) and add the product to the shopping cart.

    As soon as you've added all the products you wanted, go to the cart and proceed to the checkout. There you add your payment details, make the purchase, and that's it! After that you can right away get in touch with us or wait until our customer support does it!

    What payment methods can I use?

    We have numerous payment options. On the website you can pay with a card. If you want to pay with a payment system like PayPal or crypto currency, or any other payment method – contact us directly to arrange that.

    What's next after I've made the purchase?

    We'll need more details from you to start doing your order. Depending on the game you've bought the boost for and the options you've chosen, it might be a character name, account login, etc..

    To get those details we'll contact you soon after you've finished the payment. If you want to speed it up, you can contact us yourself right away – see our contacts to choose the suitable method:

    Discord – ArmadaBoost#2020 (A and B capital)
    Skype – live:ArmadaBoost
    Email – [email protected]

    ! For Discord users: we encourage you to add us yourself after you've made the purchase. Since we have reached 1'000 contacts, Discord won't let us add you and it will take us slightly longer than usual to get in touch with you. To speed things up, please add us yourself.

    How can I save money?

    The best option is to use bonus points. If you have an account on our website, you automatically collect bonus points after each purchase. You can later use them to pay for up to 50% of the order.

    We also have lots of various sales and discounts that happen from time to time. Most of them are exclusive to people who have subscribed to our newsletter. If you'd like to stay in the know and receive all the news about our special offers – including secret ones that are subscriber-only – just create an account on our website.

    Can I schedule my boost?


    You can choose the time when we will perform the service for you. 

    Although, while most of our boosts can be scheduled for any time you want, some services, especially the ones that require involvement of large amounts of people, might require more complex scheduling. In such cases we will offer you a variety of available time slots and you will choose the best fit for you.

    Who will be my booster?

    In our strive to perform the best possible services for our customers we take it very seriously when it comes to choosing who to work with. Only the most reliable and efficient player has a chance to be assigned to your order. This way we ensure that your boost will be completed in timely manner and as safely as possible.

    How do I get updates about my order?

    All the important information will be passed to you through the contact details you've provided us with. However, if you have any questions or just need a heads up about the progress of your boost, you're more than welcome to message us anytime, our support is there for you 24/7 (literally, even during the deepest night)!

    What are the benefits of account on your website?

    Signing up for an account returns you lots of benefits:

    • collect and use bonus points;
    • check your order's status online;
    • make purchases with a couple of clicks;
    • see your order history all in one place;
    • learn about special offers first.

    To learn more about your account's features, you can always contact us.

    What personal information do you store?

    We only store your contact details like email, Discord tag, etc.. We never store your payment details though, as well as anything else not mentioned above.

    How do I navigate my account?

    There are several places of interest in your account. Let's take a closer look at them.

    My orders page: it stores your order history. You can see details of every order you've made with us. There you can also do the "order again" which automatically creates a new order with the same contents as in the chosen previous order.

    My account tab: you can change your contact details here, set/change your username, and change password.

    Bonus points section on the left: shows you how many bonus points you've already collected. It helps you understand the size of the discount you can make with them for your next order.

    Help center: if you have any questions regarding your account or anything else, this button will connect you with one of our friendly support agents in the website chat.

    What is Bonus Points?

    Bonus Points is our special currency that can be accumulated in your personal account and used to pay for our products instead of real money. With them you can pay for as much as 50% of the order's price.

    You can create a personal account any time by clicking "Log in or sign up" button at the top right corner of the website.
    If you've already made a purchase on our website, that means you already have an account, you just need to claim it by confirming your email. The same email that you used during checkout (check spam folder if you don't see the letter).

    How to earn Bonus Boints?

    You earn them automatically by making purchases on our website. Bonus Points are stored in your account and you can always check the amount by visiting your profile on our website.
    For every dollar/euro that you spend you get 5 Bonus Points
    You are also gifted 500 Bonus Points for confirming your email and participating in special events that we announce now and then in our weekly newsletters.

    You can create a personal account any time by clicking "Log in or sign up" button at the top right corner of the website.
    If you've already made a purchase on our website, that means you already have an account, you just need to claim it by confirming your email. The same email that you used during checkout (check spam folder if you don't see the letter).

    How to spend Bonus Points?

    As long as you're logged in to your personal account, when you reach checkout, you'll find the option to choose how many Bonus Points you can use. You can use as many of them as you want to pay for up to 50% of the order's price.
    100 Bonus Points = 1 dollar/euro when you spend them at checkout.

    You can create a personal account any time by clicking "Log in or sign up" button at the top right corner of the website.
    If you've already made a purchase on our website, that means you already have an account, you just need to claim it by confirming your email. The same email that you used during checkout (check spam folder if you don't see the letter).

    Is my money safe with you?

    Yes, your money is safe with us, because it is in our best interest to keep it safe. We've protected our website with modern security protocols to keep your payments and personal data safe.

    Since we’re an officially registered company and we have an excellent reputation, we can't disregard the payment safety and we do our best to keep it all very secure.

    Are your products legal?

    Yes, boosting services are legal. Both for those who buy and sell them. There are no laws that restrict any in-game boosting in any country.

    Except for the Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) – if you happen to live there, get in touch with us to learn more about the legality of boosting in your country.

    Is my account safe with you?

    Yes, your account is safe with us. We only hire people with impeccable reputation to make sure they won't ever do anything bad to your account and in-game belongings.

    Since we’re an officially registered company and we have an excellent reputation, we can't disregard the account safety and we do our best to keep all our procedures secure.

    That said, there's always a risk that the company that owns the game might decide to penalize accounts of people who buy or sell boosts there. We take all the precautions to reduce that risk to as low as possible.

    Can I have a refund?

    Yes, you can.
    Although it's unlikely that you'll be disappointed with the quality of our service, everyone sometimes makes mistakes and if it's us who did something wrong, we'll do our best to make up for that. Even if it takes a full or partial refund.

    Also, you can request a refund even if there's nothing wrong but you just need the money back for whatever reason. However, if the boost has already started, we won't be able to send you the full amount because our players still need their pay for the work they've already done.

    How do I request a refund?

    Just message us via any method of your preference. Tell us that you need a refund and our customer support will help you with that.

    How long does it take to refund money?

    We send the money back within 2 workdays.
    After we've sent the money, everything depends on your bank. Different banks complete transactions at different speed, so you might consider asking your bank's representative about the estimated delivery time. On average customers receive a refund within a week – they rarely have to wait longer than that.

    What is ArmadaBoost?

    ArmadaBoost is one of the most respected boosting stores currently on the market. We have been in business since 2017 and have earned lots of experience and fans after all those years. You can find hundreds of reviews that we've collected throughout that time on our Trustpilot page.

    We offer boosting services in a wide range of games: World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, Diablo games, and so on. We help players with lots of different activities: it can be a character/account leveling, obtaining some rare item, defeating a challenging boss for you, and so on.

    How can ArmadaBoost be of use to you?

    If you don't have enough time to play or if you're just new to the game,  you might find yourself in a situation when you need help with some challenge. That's where we come in: our professional players do the hard work for you and remove the obstacle that made your experience with it less pleasant than you expected.

    What makes ArmadaBoost stand out of the competition?

    Our support is always friendly and ready to respond fast 24/7. Our prices are lower than average because we update them daily. Our pro players are reliable and complete objectives fast because we'd choose to pay more to great players and make your experience awesome than pay less to worse ones and deliver bad quality.