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  • 120 POWERLEVELING boost for your character
  • 110-120 POWERLEVELING WITHIN 10-12 HOURS (if chosen)
  • 110-120 POWERLEVELING WITHIN 24 HOURS (without options))
  • REPUTATION with factions earned by your character during the 120 Powerleveing Boost
  • All the GEAR your character collects during the 120 Powerleveing Boost
  • All the AZERITE your character collects during the 120 Powerleveing Boost
  • All the GOLD your character collects during the 120 Powerleveing Boost



"Choose your starting gear" options add a piloted gearing to your leveling boost up to the chosen ilvl. To make your gearing selfplay and learn the price of a selfplay gearing you need, please contact us.


110-120 Level Boost is perfect for you if you value your time and want to enjoy high-end WoW content asap!

Questing is nice and all that, but raids and arena are better – everyone knows that! They are what make WoW so good!

Why not get to them sooner than others?

ARMADA provides!


"I don’t blame quests for being quests, but you can’t blame me for hating them!"

They might give you tons of experience, but the only experience you’re most likely value most is the raidarenarbgM+ one!

There are lots of reasons for being reluctant to level up, like simply not having time, for example!

Or not having desire to do those “kill yonder mob” things again and again!

Or, perhaps, after about a dozen of characters, getting another one to the cap might make you totally DEAD_INSIDE!

110-120 Level Boost solves it all, no worries!


Our most qualified professional booster of the Level-Up Department gets you to level 120 as fast as a cheetah!

No rules violated! No bots allowed!

Your account is perfectly safe due to our VPN tools, hence you run absolutely 0.00% risks when getting boosted!

You’re getting what you want fastcheap, and secure – just what ARMADA is always willing to offer!