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  • Dazaralor Heroic 9 BOSSES, including Jaina, KILLED
  • Dazaralor Heroic EPIC GEAR 400+ ilvl dropped to you from bosses (up to 5 ITEMS on average)
  • Feat of Strength AHEAD OF THE CURVE: LADY JAINA PROUDMOORE done for you
  • Dazaralor Heroic 3 RAID ACHIEVEMENTS done for you
  • A lot of ITEMS collected by your character during the boost
  • A lot of GOLD collected by your character during the boost



x2 — there will be 1 player in the raid trading all their boss loot to you (4-6 items).
x4 — there will be 3 players in the raid trading all items they collect to you (6-12 items).
MONSTER Loot — there will be 7-10 players in the raid trading all their boss loot to you (15-30 items).
Personal Loot — there won't be any players in the raid trading all their boss loot to you (1-3 items).
Choose the one that suits your budget most.
Just keep in mind that gearing your character is the most important thing in WoW.
And Dazaralor heroic carry is really good for that!



They are our raiders.
The most geared raiders, to be precise: it is known that only those characters can pass their loot, who already have a better item equipped. It is important to assign a character like that to you to help you make the most of your loot trading heroic run. And that's exactly what we do.

Also, we, of course, choose raiders who have characters of the same armor type as yours. For example, if a boosted character is a monk, we chose among rogues, druids, demon hunters, and other monks – they all wear leather, and get it from bosses as well. Hence, most of the items that they pass to you will be leather ones.

Why most but not all of them? Some gear either has a specific armor type (e.g. cloaks are all cloth) or no armor type at all (trinkets, rings, weapon).



It's definitely worth it!
If you're after first-hand heroic raid experience – this is your perfect choice.
Selfplay allows you to be a real raider — there's nothing wrong in choosing professionals over PUGs. You just prefer enjoying the game, not wasting your time and nerves on clueless noobs. If that is how things work everyhwere, why should they not work for WoW?

However, if you can't seem to find a good spot in your schedule for an about 2 hour long run, you'd better go for a piloted run – thus you get everything you need from the raid, not even showing up there yourself! It's pretty convenient, especially if your lifestyle is busy or when you are just having a busy week. Also, it's absolutely save thanks to our VPN systems that cover all the traces of our players logging in your account – it won't get into any sort of trouble! Rest assured!



This one makes it all even better!
Your order gets the strongest professional team and the highest priority possible.
Imagine having a Dazar Alor run with some of the best guys of the EU region! It's like an all-star movie with you in the cast! And that's exactly how it feels, according to our VIP clients who gave the Premium Royale a shot.

If you're considering it, selfplay might be a good addition – will it not be strange to get the best guys on your team and not see it? What's more, having a gear trading with them and not experiencing it! Apart from that, you'll also have a great opportunity to learn from such skillful pros, and you can hardly wish to miss it!



As soon as your order is confirmed, we get in touch with you!
That's why there's a respective field to fill in for you to give us your contact info.
However, you can always get one step ahead of it all and add us first. See our contacts here!

As we get in touch with you, we schedule your Dazaralor heroic carry.
After that you just wait for the appointed time and, if it is selfplay, log in the game! There you get invited and then summoned to the raid by our professional team leader. They give you some time to prepare, buff you, and you start the run, during which you get gear dropped and traded to you.

Please, note that discussing the boost details in any of the in-game chats is highly unrecommended and can get both you and the team to a suspension. With that in mind, keep all the communication with our pros in the chat where we first started our conversation – Discord, Skype, or any other contact method you initially used.

After the service is complete, you can share with us your impressions or feedback – neither is compulsory, but both are most welcome :)
But again, please, make sure to do that not in any of the in-game chats.



Several things are taken into consideration to schedule your perfect boost.
First, we need to know what time is preferable for you – that we ask when we get in touch. If there are no specific preferences, you can simply give it to us like that: "I'm fine with whenever, guys." No worries, it doesn't mean that we'll get you the latest spot we can find – we never do that.

Next we'll check with our pro teams and see when they can get your character for the Dazar Alor heroic carry. Many factors of relevant importance can come into play here, but most of them never do: your character's ilvl, for example. But don't worry, it has to be really-really low to become an issue and even that is not guaranteed.

After the scheduling with the team is done, we write you back and offer several options. If you have a hard time choosing between them, as they all seem suitable, just go for the nearest run — as a rule of thumb, it works best most of the time.