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  • All the 9 BOSSES, including Jaina, KILLED on the MYTHIC difficulty (if chosen 9/9)
  • Dazaralor GEAR 415+ ilvl dropped to your character
  • Feat of strength CUTTING EDGE (if chosen 9/9)
  • SELFPLAY run (if chosen)
  • A lot of other ITEMS your character collects
  • A lot of GOLD your character collects



It's simple!
For piloted run (we play your character), please choose an option from HOW MANY BOSSES? (OPTIONS FOR PILOTED RUN).
For selfplay run (you play your character), please choose an option from HOW MANY BOSSES? (OPTIONS FOR SELFPLAY RUN).
If you need help with making your decision, please contact us!



Depends on the number of bosses.
Buy Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic full raid run to get at least 2 items guarantee (if you choose 4/9 bosses).
5/9 and 6/9 bosses guarantee you 3+ items.
7/9 and 8/9 bosses guarantee you 4+ epic items.
And the 9/9 full Mythic run will guarantee you 5+ items.



First of all, it's a lot of fun: you'll witness your own triumph over the hardest content in the game!
Secondly, it's really a wiser choice safety-wise. Yes, ARMADA provides the safest boost services possible.
But the Blizz watch Mythic raids very closely and temporary suspensions happen from time to time.
However, Dazar Alor Mythic carry will be 100% safe in a selfplay mode – that we can guarantee.



Yes, it is.
At the moment the Mythic difficulty is not cross-realm.
And even when that changes, it's still safer to transfer to our guild's realm.
If you're both on the same server, your participation in the raid run looks more natural.
As a result, you run even less risks of getting into any sort of trouble.
It's always better safe than sorry!



Mythic raids are the essence of the true WoW PvE.
You come there in search of a challenge and you get the challenge.
Bosses are so much stronger and unforgiving on the Mythic difficulty.

But there's a reasonable question, if it's so good, why do I need a boost?
Because it's not just about you, but also about other 19 players and their enthusiasm.
You might simply not find enough good players in your guild who are also ready to try hard.
And if it's not guild, who are you going to run with? Please, don't tell us it's 19 PUGs!
That could be a good joke, but would not be a good time.

And that's when ARMADA comes in: we simply make your perfect BoD Mythic run happen.
Just place an order and spare yourself the trouble of finding players and organizing the whole raid.
It's all ready for you when you buy Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Boost, because that's what a boost is!
All you are to do now is log in at the scheduled time and enjoy the carry.
ARMADA provides!

And, of course, the last things you should expect are wipes and chat dramas.
That would hradly be at least somewhat professional — and being professional is our creed.
It's what makes us stand out of the oh-so-many WoW boost shops — we here are all about quality.
You can tell it's quality when the raid doesn't last for 5 hours, when bosses die at the first attempt, when
your trader passes all their loot to you, when nobody spams anything in the chat, and so on.
To put it simply, you can tell it's quality, when it's ARMADA.

You're going to enjoy the best content the game offers as never before.
Most epic boss battles are waiting for you to step in and become victorious.
415 iLvl Mythic gear and Cutting Edge feat of strength become yours!



Oh, is 415 ilvl loot glorious!
Each boss has something amazing to offer.
The first to die this raid is CHAMPION OF THE LIGHT, dropping the leather tier helmet and much more.
After that the order is weird, but let's stick to the Horde's one: GRONG the gorilla, its plate shoulder, and more.
Next to be pacified are JADEFIRE MASTERS with a most awesome staff for casters, and a lot of other fantastic swag.
Then comes the mighty elemental OPULENCE, bringing us an exquisite dagger, and a plethora of crowns and other riches.
Fifth are four trolls in fancy masks known as CONCLAVE OF THE CHOSEN that have a mail chest for you, as well as a lot more!
After that there's His Royal Majesty KING RASTAKHAN, ready to face his fate and share with us a tank trinket + some of his war spoils.
Seventh on the killing list is another royalty HIGH TINKER MEKKATROQUE with his huge gun and other sweet gizmos for us to loot.
Then we're getting closer to the end at the STORMWALL BLOCKADE that has a great 2h axe and some more epics to share.
Our train of pain stops after we defeat JAINA PROUDMOORE, and get us a 1H agility sword and other pretty rad items

dawnbreaker mythic battle pf dazaralor loot

The very first boss has a most fantastic item in their loot table, btw!
It's the [DAWNBREAKER], a stunner of 2-hand sword.

dawnbreaker mythic stats bod mythic loot

Stats are amazing, as they should be for a Mythic weapon.
Hard to imagine plate gear this sword cannot fit!

Weapons are amazing, but so are armor pieces, as well as rings, triknets, cloacks, and more.
You will definitely find something to enjoy and to add to your transmog collection after the new tier's out.
Check the links above to see the complete picture of the Mythic items dropped throughout the raid.
And buy Dazar'alor Mythic raid boost to get them!



You might want to just kill Jaina on the Mythic difficulty to get the Cutting Edge and the Hero of Dazar'alor title — have a regular Jaina Mythic Kill boost!
You might also be interested in an amazing mount dropping from the Mythic last boss — check out the Glacial Tidestorm mount boost!
Fancy a mega rare mount from Mekkatorque? Consider our G.M.O.D. mount boost!

And feel free to contact us whenever you feel like!